The Story

Mission & Background

To help websites build traffic that converts

I have vast experience in software development, coding, and project management using agile methodologies and scrum. Coding requires strong technical and logical skills. So SEO came naturally to me when in 2010 I decided to do wedding photography full-time.

Using WordPress, I created my wedding photography portfolio website for my work out there and to establish myself as a recognizable wedding photographer.

Navdeep Soni - SEO Consultant

Navdeep Soni // SEO Consultant

Master's in Computer Applications (MCA), Self-Taught Photographer, and SEO

Soon I realized that having a website is just an online business card with minimal value if no one is watching. So I decided to do search engine optimization of my website.

I quickly learned the basics of SEO and got hooked as the results were magical for me. It bought me traffic and that help me get clients. 

Success feeds more success if you continue to learn.

The business of photography opened me to a whole new world of digital products, software, and marketing. They are essential to running any successful business.

Today, I have over a decade of experience in SEO, digital marketing, business software, photo & video editing, social media, etc.

2019 I invested in a couple of content websites for additional revenue to reduce my traveling due to wedding photography assignments. Both websites are monetized using ads, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. When Covid surfaced in 2020, this turned out to be an asset when there was zero revenue from photography.

In 2020, I published my first ebook on Amazon to teach the basics and importance of SEO for photographers

Now, I provide SEO consultancy services to online businesses and eCommerce stores.

This venture is also an effort to blog and share my learnings with fellow budding digital entrepreneurs about building online businesses. I am sharing the best techniques and tools that help you grow your business.

I invite you to join me on this journey!