Is Pet Niche YMYL?

Is Pet Niche YMYL?

The pet niche is not a 100% YMYL niche. It is one of those niches that are borderline YMYL. What exactly do I mean by borderline YMYL? YMYL means “your money, your life”. That means Google will be extra careful while ranking content that falls into the YMYL category. Anything related to your money/finance or … Read more

Launched a Secret SEO Project

My Twitter header reads “Building Assets”. It’s an idea I’ve always believed in, but this year I’m taking it more seriously. Test out small ideas and see if they can be converted into assets. If you are a regular reader of my emails, you might recall an experiment I did last month. In short, … Read more

Frase vs Surfer SEO

Frase vs Surfer Seo

Have you written excellent SEO-optimized content but still struggle to rank? Something is missing from your arsenal. The use of content optimization tools would help.¬†Content optimization tools are available on the market that makes things easier. Among the SEO community and content writers, Frase and Surfer SEO are favorites.¬† Although both have happy customers, most … Read more

Screaming Frog Tips

Screaming Frog Tips

Screaming Frog is one of my favorite SEO tools. It is a powerhouse and my mainstay when it comes to technical SEO.  It is a paid tool but the free version is sufficient for smaller websites. The user guide and tutorials on the Screaming Frog website are very resourceful and always help me dig deeper … Read more

How to Recover from Content Decay?

We are so obsessed with getting organic traffic that we forget about the pages that are ranking well. Pages that rank well will not keep ranking well. They lose traffic eventually due to But how do you know you have lost traffic to specific pages over time? Here is a simple process This will give … Read more

Parasite SEO using Reddit

Parasite SEO Method using Reddit

Can you make quick money using Parasite SEO and Reddit? The answer is yes, absolutely! But that is half the story. Before I tell you the complete story, Let’s first understand the steps to do parasite SEO that a lot of people are doing right now A quick disclaimer: This strategy will work BETTER until … Read more

Shopify SEO Tips

Do you know what is the biggest hurdle I face when it comes to doing SEO for Shopify Stores? It is the mindset. A mindset that purely focuses on selling a product. That’s why most business owners fall prey to quick rich schemes by SEO, Schemes that include adding tons of forum links, shady link-building … Read more