How to Choose a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Do you know the most common mistake made by beginners in affiliate marketing?

It is selecting the wrong niche!

Though there aren't any wrong niches, ppl don't evaluate their current SEO skills before choosing a niche.

Here is what beginners should know before picking a niche?

1) Stay away from YMYL niches.

YMYL stands for Your Money Your Life so anything related to money or your life/health will be most difficult to rank on Google. So avoid entering into a YMYL niche. You need to have authority and good social proof that Google can trust the author writing about these things.

2) Don't know where to start?

Goto the Amazon menu and look for categories and subcategories. Understand your passions/interest and look for a niche that is closer to them.

3) Avoid too broad niche or too narrow niches.

For eg: the kitchen niche is a broad niche and you may not have the resources & skills to excel in that whereas the pressure cooker niche is too tight and narrow niche.

4) Check marketplaces like Flippa, Empire Flippers, & Motion Invest.

They provide some crucial numbers that will help you decide which niche you should be investing in.

5) Select a niche that matches your interests to some extent.

For eg: baking, finance, fitness, cycling, or into car/bikes.

Go for these as you have to write content consistently for months. People give up in a few months as they don't feel motivated + the potential of adding a youtube channel

6) Cross-check if there are sufficient Affiliate Programs at reputed affiliate networks apart from Amazon.

The last thing you want is to build a website with traffic and then find it hard to get affiliate programs.

7) Check competition in your niche?

Do some basic keyword research in your niche and see what kind of websites ranks for your seed keywords. If all you see is high authority websites, you may want to rethink especially as a beginner.

8) Avoid the Seasonal niche.

For eg: if your website is dedicated to Christmas Gifts and Decor. You know which month it is going to give you good revenue.

9) Check how expensive is to hire writers for this niche?

My general recommendation in one on one coaching is to write your first 20 articles, & then hiring writers is a must in order to scale it up. If writers are expensive, your process will be slow & expensive.

So if you are planning to start an affiliate website, make sure you consider these nine points before selecting a niche.

I make videos on SEO. A detailed video on this is on my YouTube Channel 🙂

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