Launched a Secret SEO Project

My Twitter header reads “Building Assets”.

It's an idea I've always believed in, but this year I'm taking it more seriously.

Test out small ideas and see if they can be converted into assets.

If you are a regular reader of my emails, you might recall an experiment I did last month. In short, I created 35 blog posts using AI and programmatic SEO on an existing site. And they all started ranking on the 1st page within a week.

That was a small experiment before testing it out on a bigger scale.

Looking at the success of the experiment, I decided to launch a brand new website as a side project. The content will be all automated and created through AI.

Here are the different aspects of the project

Current status:

The site is less than a day old with 66 posts, but the code for creating images is still pending.

Upcoming Work Efforts:

  • Code to create images in bulk. It should be ready in a day or two.

Once the images are created, I will FTP all images and they will appear in blog posts automatically as HTML code already exists in them.

  • I will create around 1000 posts and they will be scheduled to post daily without my intervention.
  • Sort out indexing issues that will be created as a result of adding new posts on a daily basis.
  • Once everything is ready and automated. I may need just 4 hours/month to maintain this site.


Ads as of now.

I am expecting anywhere from $500 to $2500 monthly income from the site if it does not fail 🙂

These are average numbers based on sites getting similar traffic from India.

If I can get traffic from countries with high CPC like the US, the range will increase exponentially.


  • I am using a brand-new domain which means it may take a couple of months to get decent traffic.
  • AI-generated content can kill the site or may not take off altogether. Although the chances are pretty low and I have a plan to minimize them but the risk is there. I will share this in the upcoming emails.
  • Link building will be tough for this site.

If the project turns out to be a complete dud, I will lose around Rs.1000 and less than a week of effort. I think it is worth the risk. What do you say?

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