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Let me be honest, I am a firm believer that a content brief plays a crucial role in writing a well-targeted SEO-friendly article. And I know many people believe a content brief is a waste of time or they have a wrong definition of a content brief.

This article aims to show you how a content brief can help even an average writer, churn out an awesome writeup that will help you rank in google searches.

Before we look into a real example of the content brief. Let us understand

What is a Content brief? and Why it is a Big Deal.

A content brief is much more than standard instructions you give to a writer with your primary keyword and a few additional keywords they need to focus on.

It is much more than that!!!!!

A content brief is a framework … a skeleton for your article that defines how your article will shape up.

As an SEO consultant, it gives you control over the quality of the article as if you are writing it and not a writer. And even if you are a writer or you are outsourcing content writing, you need to first write a content brief after doing your thorough research on the topic.

Doing research on the go while you are writing will be expensive as you or the writer may end up covering some irrelevant topics or putting more effort into sub-topics that need limited attention in the article.

A content brief is a set of instructions so that the writer has a clear understanding of what to write what to include or exclude and how much he needs to write on any subtopic.

This can only be achieved after thorough research and in my opinion content brief is 50% of actual writing or content creation.

So now imagine if you are not making an effort on a content brief. What kind of article we will end up with 🙂

If you see the video where I go through a sample content brief template, there is one thing you need to take away from this example, the kind of detail we have gone into this sample.

Surely, Your content brief can vary and it should, depending on the kind of article you are writing, your niche, and what your competitors are covering.

And if you make content plans, you should know what internal links you need to add, you can include instructions on things to write so that all internal links can be created naturally and do not look forced on the readers.

The content brief empowers and provides a sense of confidence on how to write the article and more importantly what to include so that you have a well-written, comprehensive SEO-friendly article.

Sample Content Brief:

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